About us

We are young brand Mr. Bone and our passion is dogs!

We all are familiar with them. Someone of us are experienced dog owners, someone are only beginners. Any dog from any place and breed brings a lot of joy and new descoveries to the family! 


We want the life with pets to be comfortable and beautiful. What' s why we created Mr.Bone brand for dog owners tending to practical hedonism. Goods for dogs and their owners are made in Sankt-Petersburg with special attention to quality, design and materials. To create clothes for everyone is our passion, so all our goods are oversize and unisex.

We deliver worldwide and adjust services to make you comfortable with us. 


We strive to connect like-minded persons with their loved best dog-mates into Mr. Bone community. All you will find here is made with love and use with pleasure.

Mr. Bone Team